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About Us

We are a license outpatient treatment center that offers intensive individual and group psychotherapy on addiction, substance abuse, relationship, mental health, employment, community support services, peer support amongst others. Our mission is the reintegration of our clients into the community as productive members. We believe that recovery requires healing the mind, body and soul. We engage in creative therapies such as arts, crafts, music, games, 12 step, gym etc. Our program hours are flexible to encourage our members to served as peer support, obtain employment or go to school. Our staff consists of a license Nurse Practioner for medication management and complete assessment, A master license individual substance abuse counselor for individual and group counseling, certified trainer of the Living in Balance curriculum for pycho-education, case managers to connect members to community resources and peer run housing for support on how to live in recovery. We accept United health care and American Indian health plan insurances. 

Our team consist of a counselors, mentors, behavioral health techs, case managers, and direct support staffs with a combine 50 plus years of experience working with young adults and adults in all phases.  

We are a culturally sensitive program who respects our residents as individual's from diverse backgrounds and strive to appreciate their uniqueness. 

We aspire to persuade our residents to make the choices that leads to desirable outcomes. We never try to convince residents to do anything that is not in their best interest. Coordination and collaboration are our primary goals as we model the path to a recovery focus life.

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