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Photo of our computer lab. The photo features two all-in-one computers on a large desk. There is a panting of palm trees on the wall of the lab.

About Us

Anew Recovery is more than just an addiction treatment center – we are a sanctuary for renewal, a catalyst for change, and a platform for personal and communal transformation. As a licensed outpatient treatment facility, we specialize in providing an extensive range of therapeutic services and supports.

Our intensive programs encompass individual and group therapies, focusing on addiction, substance abuse, mental health, relationships, employment, and community support services. We customize each approach based on the individual's substance abuse and mental health history, family dynamics, spiritual and cultural preferences, physical health, living environment, readiness for change, barriers, and support in treatment.

Our team, rich in diversity and experience, includes licensed Nurse Practitioners, Counselors, Behavioral Health Technicians, and Peer Mentors. Each is proficient in teaching and supporting our clients daily through all phases of their lives. Their roles are multifaceted – from our Nurse Practitioners conducting individual sessions to assess referrals and manage medication for physical and psychiatric symptoms, to our case managers providing robust peer-support services.

Understanding the challenges of balancing a recovery program with work or educational obligations, we offer flexible schedules, enabling you to prioritize your recovery without compromising your employment or education.

At Anew Recovery, we are a culturally sensitive team, embracing and appreciating the uniqueness of our clients from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to guide you towards choices that lead to desirable outcomes, always acting in your best interests. Coordination and collaboration underscore our approach as we model the path to a recovery-focused life.

Join us at Anew Recovery, where we're breaking down barriers and building bridges to healthier, more fulfilling lives. Embrace the opportunity to reimagine your life, surrounded by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your journey towards a renewed life.

Photo of the Anew Recovery clinic. It features trendy looking couches that are yellow and several modern looking paintings and photos on the walls.
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